Watch "White Girl Rappers" On QP Science 3000

In 1990, a white rapper named Tairrie B. emerged onto the hip-hop scene with her debut album, Power of a Woman

According to Queue Points co-host DJ Sir Daniel, “we cannot talk about what's been going on in the movement of hip-hop music and women on the mic and not talk about the phenomenon known as the white girl rapper,” he said. “Everybody in hip hop has had a voice, including white women, believe it or not.”

Tairrie B. came into hip-hop with the co-sign of two of the era’s most respected stars - Eazy E. and Schoolly D. Her debut album was released on Comptown Records, and included production by QDIII. She was really being set up for success.

It was 1990, though, and Tairrie’s music didn’t live up to the standards audiences expected from MCs of the era. Her album is fondly remembered by many. Hip Hop Golden Age even listing it as one of their “100 Essential Hip Hop Albums By Female Artists.”

Tairrie B. didn’t do another hip-hop album after that. After failing to make a dent in the mainstream market, Power of a Woman came and went. To date, it’s Comptown Records’ only official release.  Her foray into the genre is a footnote in history - albeit, an interesting one. She was one of the first white rappers to break into the industry and paved the way for future artists like Eminem and Macklemore.

On our show QP Science 3000, we discussed music videos by “white girl rappers.” Members can check it out now.