One hallmark of the 1990s was the, still flourishing and profitable, girl group. On episode #5, back in 2021, we discussed why there aren't any girl groups anymore. For this episode we are remembering those groups that were right there on the cusp of superstardom.

Jade, Nuttin Nyce, Terri & Monica, Changing Faces, The Good Girls, Brownstone and BlackGirl. These groups had hits, and were so close, but it didn’t quite happen. On this episode we have a conversation about it, reminisce about some jams and discuss 90s girl groups that almost became superstars. 

Also, DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray will rank their personal top 3 groups of all time.

In addition, during our first segment they discuss hip-hop going to school. What are Lupe Fiasco and Mickey Factz bringing to the classroom?

Listen To DJ Sir Daniel's Insiders Max 90s Girl Group Mix


Watch Queue Points #5 - Why aren't there girl groups anymore?

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