Beef is as synonymous with hip-hop culture as the five elements themselves. From the earliest days rappers have had to prove who’s the best MC. Over the years raps on records have often turned into violence. Adding in the aspect of money, it can be a recipe for disaster. Join us for that discussion.

DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray will also reveal their top 3 dis records and discuss the nomination of Queue Points for Best Black Music Podcast.

Tune in for an informative and entertaining show.

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00:00 Afros and Audios Conference Ad

00:30 How to Support Queue Points

01:20 Queue Points Theme

01:51 Welcome to the show

03:27 Rest in Peace Jesse Powell

04:39 Rest in Peace Marva Hicks

05:35 What happened to variety shows?

07:41 Shout out to the Black Podcasting Awards for nominating us for Best Black Music Podcast

08:32 How you can vote for us for a Listeners Love Award

09:17 How to attend the 2022 Black Podcasting Awards

10:51 Shout Out to They Reminisce Over You Podcast

12:46 Shout Out to Moetown Lee and Dr. Ed Garnes of Reclamation Point

15:45 Why friendly competition is important to Queue Points

18:02 Reacting to DJ Akademik's statements on hip-hop elders

20:34 DJ Sir Daniel and Jay Ray's reaction to DJ Akademiks

21:21 Sending love to music executive Chaka Zulu

22:35 Was the '95 Source Awards a glimpse into the violence to come?

24:20 KRS-One got called out by Roxanne Shanté

25:45 The history of the Roxanne Wars

28:47 The root of many issues is money

30:59 We move from people battling one another to record labels battling each other

34:20 Everybody bought into talking about these salacious stories

34:45 Dee Barnes was attacked and lost her career because of this violence

36:13 We get conditioned to accept the violence

40:26 How can we change things?

44:33 Break

45:34 Return from Break

46:08 Kool Moe Dee vs. Busy Bee

47:09 Jay Ray's #3 Top Dis Record "Buddy X" by Neneh Cherry

48:54 DJ Sir Daniel's #3 Dis Record Now Really by JJ Fad

52:11 Jay Ray's #2 Dis Record Second Round K.O. by Canibus

56:36 DJ Sir Daniel's #2 Dis Record Shut The Eff Up (Hoe) by MC Lyte

01:00:28 Jay Ray's #1 Dis Record Lost Ones by Lauryn Hill

01:03:37 DJ Sir Daniel's #1 Dis Record Big Mama by Roxanne Shanté

01:14:00 Big Mama may best No Vaseline as best dis record of all time.


01:16:34 Closing

Topics Covered In This Episode

Reclamation Point Podcast:

They Reminisce Over You Discusses Mariah Carey “Butterfly” at 25:

Kool Moe Dee’s Busy Bee Dis At Harlem World 1981:

Sisters in the Name of Rap:

DJ Sir Daniel & Jay Ray's Top Dis Records of All Time

DJ Sir Daniel

3) Now Really by J.J. Fad:

2) Shut The Eff Up (Hoe) by MC Lyte:

1) Big Mama by Roxanne Shanté:

Jay Ray

3) Buddy X by Neneh Cherry:

2) Second Round K.O. by Canibus:

1) Lost Ones by Lauryn Hill:

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