It’s interesting times that we’re living in. Hip-hop legend Cakes Da Killa made a tweet that we felt like we needed to explore a bit more - “Imagine doing something that wasn’t  considered cool for years to then have it become cool years later and people tell you NOW you have to play by the rules set by people who didn’t even pioneer the shit in the first place.” For this show we are exploring history and asking the question “can Black folks be culture vultures too?”

Joining us to thread this delicate needle are two of our favorite music heads, Joshua Henry Jenkins and Michael Ward of Black, Gay, stuck at home. We’re going to discuss their upcoming event, what they’re currently listening to and more!

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00:00 Afros and Audio Ad

00:30 How to support Queue Points

01:21 Show Intro Sequence

01:51 Welcome to Queue Points

03:19 What happened with our Roy Hamilton and Elvis video?

05:51 BLACK, GAY, stuck at home bio

07:55 Welcome Michael Ward and Joshua Henry Jenkins

08:32 Cakes Da Killa tweet

09:56 Is what Cakes Da Killa is saying true?

17:58 Do we have to sit and accept what we're given or should the cultures being borrowed from be named?

20:45 Joshua Henry Jenkins on the "WTP" moment with Mykki Blanco

26:10 Michael Ward on how artists mystique has been removed with technology.

28:46 Artists regularly paid homage to those who paved the way.

36:46 Why Jay Ray was nervous - the Barbs are vicious.

38:48 Stan culture in the age of Twitter isn't helping with discourse and stiffles critique.

48:30 BLACK, GAY, stuck at home Interview Start

49:01 How does it feel to be able to continue to impact the community the way y'all do?

53:00 What's the vision moving forward to BLACK, GAY, stuck at home?

58:42 Transition

58:42 Back from Break

58:51 Weekly Wrap Up Discussion

59:10 Rest In Peace Ramsey Lewis

01:00:35 Rest In Piece PnB Rock

01:01:26 Why is there a culture of tapping in in hip-hop?

01:02:36 Jay Ray is tired of Black men killing one another.

01:03:43 The bigger conversation of the culture of "being a rapper"

01:08:23 Update on Cardi B

01:10:25 Update on R. Kelly

01:12:54 The new Whitney biopic trailer dropped. What do the fellas think?

01:15:56 The Little Mermaid and Halle Bailey

01:20:47 Lil Kim hops on some remixes

01:25:14 The 2022 Super Bowl performance wins an Emmy!


01:26:47 Closing

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