In this video, Malika Redmond talks about the importance of voting and Black liberation. Redmond is the CEO and co-founder of Women Engaged, an organization that supports the power-building of Black women, femmes and young adults. 

Election Day is Tuesday, November 8th, and Queue Points is encouraging you to "Queue Up The Vote!" 

Malika joins Jay Ray for this lively conversation about civic engagement, the important work of Black women for Black liberation, and why it's important for all of us to vote.

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00:00 Voting is Setting Your Intentions

00:57 Malika Redmond, M.A. Biography

02:30 How did Malika become civically engaged?

04:54 Jay Ray discussing a time when his parents took him with them to vote.

06:12 How did Women Engaged come to be?

10:31 Are rappers-turned-political-pundits good for the Black community?

13:43 Who is educating folks on the issues, and are they listening to the community?

16:58 Is there a political ideology divide between Black men and women, and how do we overcome it for the good of all of us?

22:09 "Black men are still the highest number of men at any demographic to vote in the way of progress nationally." - Malika Redmond

26:52 "The misinformation out there is real." - Malika Redmond

28:55 "Go through your sample ballot. See who the folks are. See what measures you're being asked to vote on, so that you can understand it." - Jay Ray

31:01 Get your vote in, no matter what.

34:39 Chronixx's "I Can" - A song that inspires Malika in the movement.

36:08 Closing

Topics Discussed In This Video:

Voter Information:

Groundswell Fund:

Chronixx "I Can":

Malika Redmond Biography:

Malika Redmond is the Co-founder and CEO of Women Engaged, a near decade old initiative that develops the civic leadership of Black women, femmes, and girls through year round non-partisan voter engagement and reproductive justice advocacy. She has managed human rights, racial justice and youth empowerment projects both nationally and internationally for over 20 years, including founding the International Black Youth Summit in 1994. Malika currently serves as the board Chair of the ProGeorgia Civic Engagement Table and has been honored by Planned Parenthood SE, the Feminist Women’s Health Center, and as a 2016 distinguished Rockwood Fellow for Leaders in the Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice field. Malika is a global travel enthusiast with a focus on Africa and the African diaspora, a proud alumna of Spelman College, and an adoring mom and auntie of amazing young people.

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Phone Number: 404-474-2900

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