This week Queue Points learned about the water crisis in Jackson, MS, and we were super upset about it. We asked Queue Points listener Marq McPherson if they'd be willing to come on and update us on the state of water in their city. During our chat Marq informed us about growing and always having to worry about water, how this storm might bring about much needed change, and what song is keeping them inspired during this time.

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00:00 Intro

01:23 Welcome Marq McPerson to the show

02:55 How is Marq doing throughout this crisis?

07:01 The one good thing that's come out of the storm causing this water disruption.

10:27 The surprise of learning about the winter storm that came through and damaged the infrastructure.

14:05 What song is inspiring Marq right now?

Topics Covered In This Episode

“Jackson residents face long lines and short supply in a frustrating search for water”:

Mississippi Rapid Response Coalition:

Mississippi Food Network:

August Greene featuring Brandy “Optimistic”:

Marq McPherson Bio:

Marcus “Marq” McPherson is a case manager and health equity advocate in Jackson, Mississippi. With much of their life spent in or around Jackson, they have embraced the city as a homespace and have a drive to improve health equity outcomes for LGBTQ+ people of color and people with HIV (PWH) in the Jackson Metro area. Marq is currently a graduate student at The City University of New York (CUNY) and looks forward to using the knowledge gained to contribute to improving the quality of life for their community.

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