Philly-based MC,  CSW stops by Queue Points to discuss his work. CSW has been churning out content steadily in 2022. His latest release is Turn That Up, Vol. 1. For our conversation he discusses his inspirations, how he came to fall in love with hip hop, and his plans for 2023.

This show was recorded in person at Rec Philly.

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CSW Biography:

I am a hip hop artist born and raised in Philadelphia. As a young black man, I strive for better energy in the world through my music. I am also a songwriter and poet.

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00:00 CSW pocket dictionary clip.

00:23 Welcome CSW

01:06 How did CSW get exposed to hip hop?

02:35 BeBe and CeCe Winans in rotation

03:59 Importance of CSW being able to fully be him.

04:59 Did CSW ever consider going in a Gospel direction?

05:54 What was his parents response to hip hop coming into his life?

07:30 Learning about the OGs

08:49 What's the CSW/Heroic Poet origin story?

13:25 CSW's thoughts on the internet beefs and the state of the culture

15:47 Why is CSW tired of "clout?"

17:50 Discussing "Turn That Up, Vol. 1"

20:09 The meaning of "Who Knows?"

22:31 What is CSW learning about himself in this part of life?

23:56 How did Heroic Poet come to be?

25:45 Is there a book in his future?

30:31 What's CSW's vision for 2023?

33:59 CSW's dream of his return to Ghana

35:21 Where can people connect with CSW?

35:48 CSW is proud of his Soundcloud rap history

36:40 Why Soundcloud is important to the music industry

37:34 CSW, Jay Ray and DJ Sir Daniel discussing the stages we want to appear on.

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